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Who are we?

Who are we?

bitscripter is a boutique software development company focusing on web and mobile application maintenance and development.

What do we do?

What do we do?

Our focus is on helping clients with their online software development needs, whether it be developing a new product, adding new features to an existing product, or maintaining their current online assets.

How are we different?

How are we different?

Our founding partners each have over 20 years experience developing web-based applications. We pride ourselves on our communication skills, and value the close relationship we have with our clients. We have also developed a few of our own products in the key areas of e-commerce, education, HR staffing and recruiting, and market research, which can greatly reduce the cost and time involved if you have needs in any of these areas.

Our Services

Web Development

Web Development

Custom Application Development
Website Design and Development
Mobile Development

We'd like to be your development partner and would be happy to discuss your needs with no obligation.

Application Maintenance

Application Maintenance

Current website maintenance
Server maintenance
Custom application maintenance
Asset and project management

There's peace of mind knowing you have people in place that are monitoring and maintaining your online assets.

Custom Product Implementation

Custom Product Implementation

E-commerce setup and store building
Surveys and market research
HR recruiting and video interviewing
E-mail marketing and Online Learning

We have our own products in the areas above. Get up and running for low cost out-of-the-box, or we'll start with our base product and customize a version for you!

Our Products

Shoplys Logo How is this a different e-commerce solution?

Rather than list all of the features that are common amongst most platforms, here is where we're different


We built it, and we'll change it or add to it based on your needs.

Custom Products

No limits on options and choices, and display the final product in real-time.

Order Tracking

Custom milestones so you and your customers can track the process.


No time to build your store? We'll do it for you! Perfect for pop-up short-term stores.

Flexible Payment

Allow your customers to pay online, offline, or both for ultimate flexibility.


Build groups to easily manage and track group orders of any size.

Camexams Logo Video-based remote testing and examinations

Now you can simulate an oral exam remotely. A unique testing platform ideal for e-learning and training.


We built it, and we'll change it or add to it based on your needs.

Video capture

Capture spontaneous feedback or give them time to think.

Quantitative Testing

Combine video capture with traditional multiple choice questions.


View quantitative and qualitative responses per student.


Set a specific window for access and restrict response times.


Restrict access to your student list, protected by multi-factor authentication.

Netstaffer Logo Custom recruiting with video interviewing

We pioneered video interviewing back in 2004, and we haven't stopped innovating.


We built it, and we'll change it or add to it based on your needs.

More Data

Quantitative and Qualitative data so you can make informed decisions.


Spontaneous feedback? Retries? Offline? Filtering? No problem!


No time to analyze? We'll do it for you in-house and deliver our recommendations.


We'll integrate the our solution into your current recruiting process.


35,000+ video interviews for the 2015 Toronto Pan/ParaPan Am Games. Say no more.

Bitsampler Logo Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research

We've taken our netstaffer HR platform and customized it for market research


We built it, and we'll change it or add to it based on your needs.

More Data

Quantitative and Qualitative data so you can make informed decisions.


Spontaneous feedback? Retries? Offline? Filtering? No problem!


No ideas of what to ask? Our in-house experts will do the survey design for you!


Let us handle the analysis, both qualitative and quantitative.


In the market for over 12 years. Market research, polling, surveys, e-voting. We have you covered.

Case Studies

2015 Toronto Pan/ParaPan Am Games

Example: Video Interviewing

Problem: The client required a solution to effectively and economically fill their 25,000+ volunteer positions.

Our Solution: We created a white-label, custom version of our netstaffer platform that enabled TO2015 to ask a combination of filtering and video questions to prospective volunteers.

We also customized the scoring interface to allow TO2015 volunteers to score specific sections of the interview, and the results were communicated to their Games Management System via an API.

This remains one of the largest single video interviewing projects to date.


TO2015 conducted over 35,000 video interviews and filled most of their 25,000+ volunteer positions using our platform.


Example: Video Interviewing, E-mail Marketing

Problem: The client required a custom e-mail marketing engine with enterprise scalability and functionality that would easily integrate with our video intervewing engine.

Our Solution: We created a custom e-mailing platform front-end that allowed head office to manage the campaigns from individual offices or regions.

We also built tools to allow them to easily embed playlists from our video interviewing platform into their e-mail content.

In the end, we were able to add custom functionality that allowed them to meet their clients' needs without sacrificing flexibility.


Manpower Canada was recognized amongst their international peers for their innovation, and were the catalyst for having Manpower adopt video interviewing globally.

Canadian Tire

Example: Mobile Video Interviewing

Problem: The client required a mobile video intervewing platform for their Cesar Millan's Funny or Frightening Confessional campaign.

Our Solution: We configured our video interviewing engine to run offline and record HD video content in front of a green screen.

We then created a couple of kiosks to run our solution, one of which travelled to all of the stores in the Calgary area, and the other to all of the stores in Halifax and Ottawa.

Automated uploads allowed Canadian Tire to regularly screen the videos that were being collected remotely.


Canadian Tire was able to capture hundreds of stories during the campaign, many of which were used in Cesar Millan's roadshow.


Example: Custom E-commerce

Problem: The client required an e-commerce solution that allowed for unlimited customized options, custom orders, and team sales.

Our Solution: We created a white-label, custom version of our Shoply's platform that enabled Gearware's clients to effectively track team and online orders, and offer apparel items with an unlimited number of options and choices that could be viewed in real-time.

We also added functionality to allow for on or offline payments, bid sheet creation and more.

A custom order module allows dealers to effectively track and manage their in-store orders alongside their online orders.


Gearware has been growing steadily since their launch in 2017, and have established themselves as a leader in the area of online team outfitting.

The KMAC Group

Example: Custom Development, Video Interviewing, E-mail Marketing

Problem: The client wanted to move away from Excel and manual e-mails to a cloud-based platform for recruiting and fulfilling their marketing campaigns.

Our Solution: We created a custom system that incorporated all of their manual tasks and automated many of them in the cloud.

We incorporated our video intervewing solution for an always-on recruiting strategy and we included mass e-mailing capability to effectively communicate opportunities to the candidate list.

We built a comprehensive series of tools to effectively manage the projects, create the candidate contracts, query for availability, assign candidates to events, and more.


Kmac has realized significant gains in efficiency since starting with the tool, and continues to use it to this day.

Canadian Tire
Toronto 2015 Pan/ParaPan Am Games
Kelly Services
University of Toronto
Health Canada
The KMAC Group

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